At SOFIA House we strive to provide comprehensive services to families who have experienced domestic violence. Our first priority is to provide a safe environment through 10 furnished apartments equipped with basic essentials for everyday living. We employ maintenance support to keep the apartments clean and in good condition as well as collect a reserve of donations in-kind to restock an apartment or for families who have completed their stay. Included in the housing program is the security provided at SOFIA House. We work diligently at keeping the location confidential and have security cameras for safety.

In addition to safety, we provide supportive counseling services. Our program is a combination of individual and group counseling for all family members. Our Family Program Coordinator in conjunction with our Children’s Program Coordinator connect families with resources in the community and provide advocacy and support with legal, medical and financial matters. Our In-house programming is designed to address the many emotional challenges families endure with a crisis that causes a sudden change. At SOFIA House we focus on building self esteem and empowering the women to use their coping skills and incorporate them into leadership skills. Our programming is delivered through group process facilitated by our counselors. The children’s programming is also designed with age appropriate materials and is presented by a Children’s Program counselor and supported by our devoted volunteers. Our programs are also followed up with weekly one on one counselling to ensure intimate moments can discussed and shared in a safe environment.

At SOFIA House we believe that families need time to recover from the trauma of domestic violence. During that time of recovery we try to provide individual, group and community support for out reach families. This combination allows families to recover at their speed and ability. The flexibility of Second Stage Sheltering can provide the time and support needed to develop skills which lead to the development of the courage to change.