The services offered at SOFIA House are unique as second stage housing provides an opportunity where accesses to resources are available through one agency.

Second Stage shelters offer long-term, safe accommodation and accompanying services. SOFIA House delivers essential programs that support abused women and children when they leave emergency shelters or are referred from other agencies. Second Stage shelters are considered the next step in a continuum of services; it is an important link to a life free of violence, enabling a woman and her children to move from an abusive home into successful, independent living.  Without second stage housing, women have to locate, access, and coordinate the services for themselves.  This is a formidable task, particularly given the isolation and control, and lack of self-esteem and confidence many women of domestic violence experience.

We continue to evaluate programming to meet the current needs of clients. Recent trends show increased diversity of cultures and languages as well as an increase in addiction issues.