Currently, donations outside of the items listed below are paused at this time as we are relocating our current SOFIA House locations.

Currently accepting the following donations:

● Small appliances (coffee pots, toasters, blenders, kettles, air fryers, etc.)

● Kitchen linen (kitchen towels, rags, clothes, sponges, oven mitts, drying pads, etc.)

● Kitchen items (dishware, cups, utensils, silverware, mixing bowls, can openers, measuring cups, Tupperware (with lids), kitchen knife sets, juice jugs, etc.)

● Bathroom items (bath towels, face cloths, shower curtains, bath matts, etc.)

● Household decor (wall art, family photo frames, candles, lamps, etc.)

● Organizing bins

● Laundry baskets

● Garbage cans (clean/new)

● Sheet sets, and comforters


Heavily requested, or needed grocery donations:

● bulk vegetables (carrots, celery, onions, potatoes, bell peppers, romaine/lettuce)

● bulk frozen protein (ground beef, chicken breasts/drumsticks, pork chops, burgers, hot

dogs, hams, rotistory chickens, etc.)

● sandwich meat

● milk

● yogurt cups

● toilet paper

● garbage bags

● laundry pods

● dish pods

● cheese

● lunch snacks

Ways to support:

● Food donations

● Household donations

● Gift card donations ($10.00-$25.00 cards; WalMart, Shoppers Drug Mart, Super Store,

Save On Foods, etc.)

For more information, or direct inquiries contact