SOFIA House has received recent media attention.  Matthew Mickelborough, without consulting SOFIA House, designed a t-shirt for sale and decided to send half of the proceeds to SOFIA House as donation.  SOFIA House was first contacted by CBC asking about the proceeds from the sale of the t-shirts.

After discussions with our Board of Directors and with Mr. Mickelborough, we at SOFIA House have decided not to accept the donations from the sales of the Jian Ghomeshi t-shirt in hopes to discourage the negative messaging that the t-shirt promotes. We thank Mr Mickelborough for reaching out to SOFIA House and hope we can work together in future endeavors.

As a second stage shelter, our focus is helping families who have been victim to domestic violence and we work to empower women to be leaders in their family.

SOFIA House has full faith in the legal process and encourages all women who have been victimized to come forward when it is safe to do so.  As well, we reserve judgement on any and all individuals accused of any crime until proven guilty.

It has been moving to see the strength of the individuals that have shared their stories on #beenrapedneverreported in addition to the support shown in the campaign We encourage all who have been victim to gender violence to continue to voice their stories.

We want to offer our thanks to all who have reached out to us, as well as for your input and support.  For anyone who wants to support SOFIA House through donations or fundraisers please feel free to contact us directly.