Our 2013 Annual General meeting was held at the United Way offices in Regina on June 26, 2014 and we were pleased to have Yvette Plessis join us in honouring the first receipient of the Sisters of The Charity of St. Louis bursary.  All Board of Directors and staff were present to help celebrate our Top Ten acheivements and the presentation of the audited financial statements.

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2014 SOFIA House Financial Statements

AGM Annual Report 2014



AGM report 2014-15


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Executive Director Report

Annual General Meeting

June 25, 2015


The mission of SOFIA House, working to break the cycles of violence continues to inspire the development of the program design for the agency. This report reflects how the agency has provided;

safe housing for the women and children

a supportive and nurturing environment

opportunities for growth

increase community awareness.



AGM report 2014-15

We have the pleasure of presenting a video featuring three courageous women who have stayed at SOFIA House and want to share their experiences with all of us.  Take a moment and join them in their success.


SOFIA House Regina Video

Our summer program is designed to provide families the chance to spend quality time together in a safe and fun environment. The daily activities planned are engaging, recreational and educational for all ages.

Thank you to our sponsors and donors for their generosity. Without your support, our summer program would not be successful.

On June 29, 2015, our summer program kicked off with a trip out to the Motherwell National Historic Park located by Abernethy, SK. We enjoyed a picnic at the site before beginning out tour. The people at Motherwell were awesome in providing us with a true farm experience with their acting and storytelling. The kids got to pull red wagons from each point as we went through the clues on the scavenger hunt. The children enjoyed pumping water from the well into their buckets, visiting goats, pigs and baby roosters, and a wagon ride behind two majestic horses. If you haven’t visited Motherwell, I suggest that you should! It is a great experience and fun for the whole family!


Motherwell National Historic Park

Week 1, our families also enjoyed an outing to the Golden Mile Bowling Lanes, the Northwest YMCA Leisure Center and Play Structure and Candy Cane Park.

Week 2 started off with a trip to the RCMP Heritage Centre – admission passes and driving tour of the grounds were free of charge for our families thanks to the RCMP Heritage Centre. Our families enjoyed an afternoon at the new Soaked! Waterpark at Regina Travelodge. On July 9, I took the families to Wascana Marsh. We had an unexpected visitor from the University of Regina – Dr. Christopher Somers. He brought a variety of live snakes to show off to the kids! They were so excited – the moms, including myself, were a bit hesitant! After a quick picnic, we were introduced to a turtle who lives in the marsh and we got to hear how close some of the turtles were to us by using radio transmitters. Thank you to Kelsey for gearing up and treading into the marsh to retrieve a turtle, and to Sarah for the unique pond-dipping experience! On the other days of this hot July week, we spent the afternoons cooling off at the spray park and Massey Pool!

Soaked! Waterpark

Soaked! Waterpark

Dr. Somers from the University of Regina

Dr. Somers from the University of Regina

Kelsey treading into Wascana Marsh to retrieve a turtle!

Kelsey treading into Wascana Marsh to retrieve a turtle!

Wascana Marsh

Wascana Marsh

Week 3 we enjoyed a trip out to Echo Valley Beach, Dino Bouncers, the Glen Elm library branch for a afternoon movie, and on those hot days we cooled off in the afternoon at the Massey Pool and spray parks!

Week 4 started off great with a full day adventure at the Saskatchewan Science Center! Thank you to our sponsors:sasktel logo


 Your generosity made this special day possible!

This week we also enjoyed a hot dog in the Victoria Park downtown, visited the farmer’s market, had gym time with instructors at Amazing Adventures and went to the Minion movie at Galaxy Cinemas!

We finished off July with Dino Bouncers, entertainment and lunch in the Victoria Park downtown and the Queen City Exhibition! A special thank you to Sherwood Co-op and EVRAZ Place for providing admission and ride passes to our families! You sure made all the children at SOFIA House smile!

Sherwood Co-op

Sherwood Co-op



Our 6th week of summer program began after the August long weekend. During this week, our families cooled off with visits to the pools and spray parks and enjoyed ice cream treats from Milky Way and spent another afternoon bouncing off some energy at Dino Bouncers (a big hit with all the children!)!!

Week 7 was a scorcher in the Queen City! Record high temperatures found us cooling off at the spray parks and outdoor pools. One afternoon I took the families for a tour at the Government House. The children had fun searching for Jocko, Lieutenant Governor Amédée Forget‘s (1898-1910) pet monkey as we toured the house.

Our final week, Week 8, was a busy week. We started the week off quiet with a swim at Massey Pool and the next day I took families to Regina Beach, and we had a GREAT day! The weather was perfect – not too hot and not too cold. When we arrived, we had lunch at the Bluebird Cafe. The children displayed their best manners and I thank the staff at the cafe for their patience! After lunch we enjoyed the beach – swimming, building sandcastles and burying each other in the sand! Before we headed home, we stopped at Sundae Times for a special, yummy and cold ice cream snack! I planned a tour at the Mackenzie Art Gallery. Our guide was very knowledgeable and planned a great tour geared to the children who came and their moms! Throughout the galleries we had 2 stops to create a piece of artwork related to the gallery. The art on display is from David Thauberger‘s collection. At the end, we had a final ink project in the studio and got to take our masterpieces home! Our second last day, I invited Ashuna Mithal to SOFIA House to create some SandArt pieces that the kids and moms got to keep. The results are stunning as you can see below! I saved her information for SOFIA House’s Children’s Coordinator – hopefully she will be invited again in the future to do some more pieces in the future! I know I will be keeping in touch with her as my kids will love this simple, yet entertaining and creative form of art! Our final day of summer programming came too quickly. We celebrated by going to Chuck E Cheese for a pizza party and entertainment. The families had a blast!

Art Project - Mackenzie Art Gallery

Art Project – Mackenzie Art Gallery

Ink Art – Mackenzie Art Gallery


SandArt with Anusha Mithal from Regina, SK

SandArt with Anusha Mithal from Regina, SK



SandArt - Final piece!

SandArt – Final piece!

SandArt - final piece!

SandArt – final piece!

Chuck E Cheese - summer-end party!

Chuck E Cheese – summer-end party!


On a final note, I had a fantastic summer with the families from SOFIA House and I am sure I will cross paths with these wonderful women and children in the future once I complete my degree in Elementary Education and start teaching in Regina. xoxo

I would like to acknowledge the City of Regina in cooperation with Saskatchewan Lotteries for the money SOFIA House receives through the community grant program each summer for the Children’s Summer Program.




SOFIA house has just received funding for our individual and group counseling program from United Way Regina in the amount of $58,710.00. We are grateful to everyone who supports United Way Regina, which clearly supports change to happen in our community.


For more information click here!

All of us at SOFIA House would like to send a huge thank you to Fidelity Fitness & Training for their amazing and big donation of $500.00.

Here Comes Santa Tree
Here Comes Santa Tree

A very special thanks to Santa Tree and all his helpers Inkognito Tattoo’s delivered toys for all the children at SOFIA House what a great Christmas party from all of us at SOFIA House thank you

SOFIA House has received recent media attention.  Matthew Mickelborough, without consulting SOFIA House, designed a t-shirt for sale and decided to send half of the proceeds to SOFIA House as donation.  SOFIA House was first contacted by CBC asking about the proceeds from the sale of the t-shirts.

After discussions with our Board of Directors and with Mr. Mickelborough, we at SOFIA House have decided not to accept the donations from the sales of the Jian Ghomeshi t-shirt in hopes to discourage the negative messaging that the t-shirt promotes. We thank Mr Mickelborough for reaching out to SOFIA House and hope we can work together in future endeavors.

As a second stage shelter, our focus is helping families who have been victim to domestic violence and we work to empower women to be leaders in their family.

SOFIA House has full faith in the legal process and encourages all women who have been victimized to come forward when it is safe to do so.  As well, we reserve judgement on any and all individuals accused of any crime until proven guilty.

It has been moving to see the strength of the individuals that have shared their stories on #beenrapedneverreported in addition to the support shown in the campaign www.yesmeansyes.com. We encourage all who have been victim to gender violence to continue to voice their stories.

We want to offer our thanks to all who have reached out to us, as well as for your input and support.  For anyone who wants to support SOFIA House through donations or fundraisers please feel free to contact us directly.





We at SOFIA House are proud to be a part of the CAPWHN Conference Which is Being held in Regina October 23 – 25, 2014 at the Delta Regina thank you so much for inviting us. We look forward to these next couple of days. Some backround information.The Canadian Association of Perinatal and Women’s Health Nurses (CAPWHN) is a new organization representing women’s health, obstetric and newborn nurses from across Canada. CAPWHN aims to promote excellence in nursing practice, leadership, education and research in the areas of perinatal and women’s health care.


         We would like to thank everyone who had helped raise money for our organization it will be put to great use. Congratulations to the winner of the trip for 2 to Vancouver and tickets to the big game. Also a huge thank you to Ragged Ass Barbers from all of us here at SOFIA House for holding their 1rst Annual Charity Raffle and we are hoping their are many more to come. Please click the image to Visit their website for all other information. Thank you again for all the support and if you like to watch the video of our executive director Sarah Valli picking the winner please follow Ragged Ass Barber on twitter and Facebook while you are there give us a Like and Follow.